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Welcome to Athenry Pet Clinic

Athenry Pet Clinic, located at Prospect House, Prospect, Athenry, Co. Galway operates as both a small and large animal practice and has a long-standing reputation for providing a great vet service throughout Athenry and across the rest of the county of Galway.

The clinic’s dedicated staff includes vets Frank Brody and Tina Roche and Practice Manager Caroline Gorton who are ably supported by Practice Secretary Linda McNally and Accounts Manager Christina Caulfield.

Our vet practice facility hosts reception and consultation room, prep room and operating theatre, x-ray and ultasound facilities in addition to dog and cat kennels, an isolation ward and a pet grooming area.

Athenry Pet Clinic Services





Emergency Care

Large Animals

Animals We Cater For

Dog Care

Athenry Pet Clinic understands a dog is more than just a pet and because of this our staff will make sure your dog gets the best treatment possible, including Vaccinations, Microchipping, Neutering, Pregnancy Advice, Insurance and Nutrition.

Cat Care

The staff here at Athenry Pet Clinic will ensure that your cat is well looked after. We offer the following services for your little feline companion: Vaccinations, Microchipping, Insurance, Neutering, Nutrition and Pregnancy Advice.

Large Animal Care

We not only look after the small animals but large ones too. We offer a 24 hour farm animal and horse veterinary service with wide expertise in disease prevention and control as well as a thorough and caring approach to individual animal medicine.

Emergencies or Queries: 091 844 085