Pet Emergency & Critical Care

Should you find your pet is in an emergency situation you should contact us immediately by calling us on (091) 844 085.

Contact us right away if your pet:

  • has been hit by a car
  • has been poisoned
  • is bleeding
  • is vomiting excessively
  • is having a seizure
  • is having trouble urinating
  • is experiencing excessive diarrhea
  • is having a difficult time breathing
  • is having a difficult time giving birth

We are fully equipped to provide your pet with the best possible emergency care including:

  • emergency stabilization
  • laboratory testing and x-rays
  • IV fluid therapy, pain control, infection treatments
  • wound and fracture care
  • treatment for poisonings or seizures
  • referral to specialty facilities if necesary

Critical care can be provided here at Athenry Pet Clinic as we have the necessary equipment and skills to nurse your pet back to full health.

Some of the emergency services we are able to provide include:

  • emergency pain-relief administration
  • x-rays for orthopaedic emergencies
  • blood tests and urinanalysis
  • ultrasound scanning for reproductive and other soft tissue emergencies
  • oxygen therapy
  • hospitalisation for ongoing monitoring and treatment

Emergencies or Queries: 091 844 085