Dog Vaccinations

Protecting your best friend

One of the most important things you can do to give your dog a long and healthy life is to ensure that he/she is vaccinated against common and serious canine infectious diseases. Your dog’s mother gave her puppy immunity from disease for the first few weeks of existence by providing disease-fighting antibodies in her milk. After that period it’s up to you, with the help and advice of your veterinary surgeon, to provide that protection.

How do vaccines work?

Vaccines contain small quantities of altered or “killed” viruses, bacteria or other disease-causing organisms. When administered, they stimulate your dog’s immune system to produce disease-fighting cells and proteins – or antibodies – to protect against disease.

When should my dog be vaccinated?

The immunity that a puppy has at birth only lasts for a few weeks. It is then time to begin vaccination. The first vaccination is usually given in two doses, the first dose at around the age of 6-8 weeks and the second about 2-4 weeks later.

Thereafter, your dog will require annual ‘booster’ vaccinations for the rest of his/her life to maintain protection. Above all, follow the vaccination schedule recommended by your veterinary surgeon – if there is too long an interval between vaccinations, your dog may no longer be fully protected.

Your pet should be protected against those diseases which are most common, highly contagious and which cause serious illness or death. A rabies vaccine is required for pets travelling outside of Ireland as it is a requirement of the Pet Passport Scheme.

The cost of the vaccination includes a full health check and clinical examination by our vet, together with advice on any area of your dog’s healthcare.

Many insurance companies make annual vaccination a condition of honoring their policy.

How effective is vaccination?

Like any drug treatment or surgical procedure, the success of a vaccination cannot be 100% guaranteed.

However, used in conjunction with proper nutrition and good hygiene, vaccination is clearly your pet’s best defence against disease.

Plus, when you consider what treating a serious illness can cost you and your beloved dog in terms of both money and distress, prevention through vaccination is extremely cost-effective.

For you and your pet’s convenience we operate an appointment based system. This is to eliminate long waiting times in the waiting room. Please phone us on (091) 844 085 for an appointment and we will facilitate your requirements.

As part of all check-ups, we record all medical, surgical, dietary and other important information in order to build up a detailed record of your pet’s health for future reference.

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