Large Animals

Athenry Pet Clinic is also a large animal practice and we offer a 24 hour farm animal and horse veterinary service with wide expertise in disease prevention and control as well as a thorough and caring approach to individual animal medicine.

Frank Brody is our dedicated large animal vet and Frank has been treating the cattles and horses around Athenry and across Galway for many years.

We offer a comprehensive 24/7 365 on call service to all farmers and horse owners so veterinary support is only ever a phone call away. You can reach our on call vet by calling 091 844085. As much as possible, we encourage the use of appointments for planned work to maximise the efficient use of both the farmer’s and the vet’s time.

Given Franks’s vast veterinary experience, he also has the knowledge and ability to assist you with many of the herd health issues which may concern you, including:

  • TB Testing and Prevention
  • Disease control and diagnostics
  • Scanning and fertility issues
  • Vaccination regimes
  • Worm and Fluke Dosing

General Services

We offer a complete range of cattle and horse veterinary services including:

  • TB and brucellosis testing
  • Blood testing for mineral profiles, disease diagnosis and vaccine selection
  • Caesarean sections
  • Castration
  • Call-out assistance with calving problems or sick animals
  • Fertility work, including scanning
  • Dehorning
  • Lameness treatment
  • Ultra sound scanning
  • Abortion diagnosis
  • Haematology and biochemistry profiles
  • LDA’s, RDA’s, caecal dilations and calf hernias

Herd Health Disease Prevention

Frank can also assist farmers with any of the common herd problems including:

  • Milk Fever prevention
  • Grass Tetany prevention
  • Calf Health programmes
  • Nutrition advice for the milking cow: to decrease ketosis, to decrease LDA’s, to increase fertility and to manage the transition period from dry to milking to optimise cow and farm performance
  • Vaccination Advice
  • Diagnosis of problems and tailored control programmes to suit each farm unit


Frank can advise on the control, prevention, and eradication of all cattle diseases such as:

  • BVD
  • IBR
  • Johnes
  • T.B.
  • Leptospirosis
  • Neosporosis
  • Crypyosporosis
  • Coccidiosis
  • Calf scours
  • Pneumonia control
  • Tailored advice such as stock bull testing or re-stocking / farm expansion to avoid importing disease onto the farm
  • Disease free status testing and certification
  • Laboratory diagnosis and full advice facility to logically and rationally deal with internal and fluke, worms, lice and flies
  • Fertility advice

Mastitis Control Programme

Comprehensive advice on all matters pertaining to mastitis and milk quality.

  • Milking machine testing
  • Milk culture to diagnose problems at referral laboratory
  • Antibiotic sensitivity testing to guide lactating and dry cow intra-mammary tube therapy selection
  • High somatic cell count
  • Herd approach to diagnosis, prevention and control of problems
  • Record analysis
  • Farm visits and continual monitoring
  • Machine testing
  • Milking routine and technique advice
  • Advice on control of contagious and environmental mastitis
  • Advice on teat and teat skin health

We also have access to Department of Agriculture advisors, fellow veterinary practitioners and laboratory staff to ensure you get the right product for your dairy herd.

Emergencies or Queries: 091 844 085